Saturday, 7 September 2019

The Third Man: Behind the Scenes...

Image result for the third man on the set
Carol Reed with Orson Welles

Jospeh Cotten with Reed discussing a scene

Bernard Lee, Cotten and Reed

Reed and Welles on set

Welles and Reed

Welles and script supervisor, Peggy McClafferty

Alida Valli with George Frost, make-up artist

Setting up the Ferris wheel scene

Filming the cat in the doorway sequence

Reed, Cotten and Welles

Cotten relaxing with friends

Valli and Trevor Howard

Setting up the doorway scene

Cotten and Welles messing about

Reed and Cotten playing with shadows and light

Welles and Reed

McClafferty and Reed watching a scene

Shooting the sewer sequence

Welles and Reed in the graveyard

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