Saturday, 15 June 2019

Kind Hearts and Coronets - behind the scenes

Alec Guinness (left, dressed as General Lord Rufus d’Ascoyne) with producer Michael Balcon

Director Robert Hamer, left, delivers his instructions to Joan Greenwood and Dennis Price

Greenwood autographing photographs

Greenwood with cinematographer Douglas Slocombe, who would go on to shoot The Servant, The Great Gatsby and Raiders of the Lost Ark

Greenwood, Price and Hamer

Price and Valerie Hobson

Price, Hobson and Hamer

Guiness waiting for his call

Costume designer Anthony Mendleson, with Greenwood

Preparing for the murder of Lady Agatha d’Ascoyne (Hobson)

Price and Hamer

Greenwood having a cup of tea 

I read [the screenplay] on a beach in France, collapsed with laughter on the first page, and didn’t even bother to get to the end of the script. I went straight back to the hotel and sent a telegram saying, ‘Why four parts? Why not eight!? — Alec Guinness

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