Friday, 9 November 2018

Geoff Hattersley - Frank O'Hara Five, Geoffrey Chaucer Nil

Photo taken in Durham when we were there!!!!

Frank O'Hara Five, Geoffrey Chaucer Nil

I think on the whole I would rather read
Frank O'Hara than Geoffrey Chaucer, and
this fine, non-smoking morning could well be
the right time to try out a new (uh hum)

poetic form. It's the funniest thing:
I am here, thirty years of age, having
put booze, and all sorts of, say, 'dubious
substances' behind me, now sweating it

all out in a small, constipated room
with a plump tomato of a woman,
conjugating Middle English verbs. I have
developed a line, a very brief line,

in gestures of friendliness, and in my
trousers an idea is taking shape...

Taken from Don't Worry by Geoff Hattersely, published by Bloodaxe Books (or Dufour Editions, if you're in the USA)

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