Friday, 14 August 2015

Wednesday night's set lists

At The Habit, York: -

Ron Elderly: -
Dock of the Bay
Here, There And Everywhere
Cry To Me
Tell Me

Da Elderly (debuting the new toy - a guitar-banjo): -
Too Far Gone
How Can We Say Goodbye?
Bouquet Of Roses
Are You Ready For The Country?

The Elderly Brothers: -
Proud Mary
Medley: Sweet Caroline/Hi Ho Silver Lining
I Saw Here Standing There
Then I Kissed Her

A busy night with, in the end, a surfeit of players. A lively crowd were treated to the usual mix of eclectic sounds. The introduction of the 6-string guitar-banjo was well received, considering the banjo's ability to divide opinion. Another first in the set-list was Eddy Arnold's 1948 weepie, Bouquet Of Roses. The after-show jam was, as always, a delight!

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  1. I want to hear you and Ron cover Walking in the Rain complete with storm sound effects at the start.