Saturday, 18 July 2009

THE RAVEN (directed by Roger Corman, 1963)

There was, naturally, a comic book adaptation:"Beware!" Thw whole comic is downloadable as a pdf file from
Karloff appeared in another film called The Raven (directed by Lew Landers) in 1935; it was also inspired by Poe's poem and also had very little to do with it!

It's been suggested that the Marvel comic Dr Strange was inspired by Dr Craven in The Raven. The movie was released in January 1963; the first issue of the comic came out later that year in May, though with a July cover date. However, it's likely that the comic had to be with the printer late in 1962 and, therefore, written and drawn a few months earlier than that.
Dr Strange (drawn by Steve Ditko):Dr. Craven:

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