Sunday, 5 July 2009

But let's wait until September 7th...

"New" album from Prefab Sprout - or has Paddy dusted off some unreleased stuff? Ride and God Watch Over You exist as covers by other artists and some of the other titles have been mentioned over the years in connection with Sprout stuff that was never released. The album title has, in the past, been mentioned as a track too. But it doesn't appear to be on the album...
1.Let There Be Music
3.I Love Music
4.God Watch Over You
5.Music Is A Princess
6.Earth, The Story So Far
7.Last Of The Great Romantics
8.Falling In Love
9.Sweet Gospel Music
10.Meet The New Mozart
11.Angel Of Love

Soundboard of the Sprouts in Tokyo, 1986:

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