Monday, 6 July 2009

DRINKING, ALEX AND ME (A drinking diary posted from Ipswich)

Today will go down in infamy. Alex committed an act so gross it is too disgusting to reveal in a family friendly blog. You'll have to wait until Friday - I want to see the horror in your eyes (*Bring the camera, Paul*). Suffice to say the act was committed in The Dove pub, one of 13 watering holes we frequented, including, if my memory services me well, The Woolpack, McGhinty's, Ransomes, The Cricketers, The Foxes, The Shipwreck, The Branthan Bull, Issacs on the quayside, the Duke of York, The Brickies, and back to The Cricketers. Alex has lined up a gig at The Woolpack for tomorrow afternoon. Friday seems a long way off. Oh mercy!


  1. Can I play 'guess the gross act'? I pluck for him vomitting into his beer glass and then drinking the contents? Then again, that's not that gross - we've all done it!

  2. Did it hurt? Much?