Thursday, 16 July 2009

Heart of Gold

This grainy footage is proof positive that Da does have a weekly residency at the Egypt Cottage, where he enjoys a fiercely loyal fan base. This week some young gun toting an alto sax turned up and tried to blow Da off stage with some middle-of-the-road jazz. Da was dismissive - 'he'd go down well on X-Factor' - he sneered. After the boy's set, Da returned to the stage to play a plaintive version of 'Ukulele Women'. The place erupted and jazz boy scuttled out the door.


  1. The adoring clientele don't look much like the teenage gals he claimed!

  2. The bald guy in the foreground is Jarra joiner and guitar player Billy Stewart, who lives about 150 metres from where I'm sitting typing this. Small world, said Buddha Yare.

  3. Glad to see you've gone metric Terry.