Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Joni Boxed Set

From http://jonimitchell.com

"In November 2009, Rhino Entertainment will be releasing a Joni Mitchell box set. The 4 CD and 1 DVD package will have over 85 songs, from the mid-sixties up to Joni's last album "Shine". Several unreleased songs and alternate versions will be included, plus very rare and previously unissued video performances spanning Joni's incomparable career. Joni will be contributing notes to the package and overseeing the photo edit and design."

So far so good, but then you have this:

"Instead of traditional liner notes, Joni would like to invite the community to send in a statement of why they enjoy the music. It can be one sentence or a short paragraph and the best will be chosen for the liner notes for the project. It can be a personal experience with the music or why in general you like it.

An example of which might be...
"Joni, you make race-less, gender-less music."
"Girl, you make me see pictures in my head.""

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