Thursday, 2 July 2015

Last night's set lists

At The Habit, York: -

Ron Elderly: -
Can't Help Falling In Love
No Expectations
I'll See You In My Dreams
Sweet Virginia

Da Elderly: -
If I Were A Carpenter
Runaway Train
Love Song
Only Love Can Break Your Heart

The Elderly Brothers: -
The Price Of Love
I Saw Her Standing There
Love Hurts
The Boxer
Then I Kissed Her
Bye Bye Love

On a steamy night in York there were rather less punters out and about than previous weeks but given the humidity it seems the bar takings were not overly affected! So everyone had an enjoyable if alcohol-fuelled evening. Two 'new' songs debuted by yours truly: a Tim Hardin classic and Soul Asylum's minor hit from 1992 (not "the runaway train came down the track and she blew....." if that's what you were thinking)!

The Elderly Brothers will be performing at the Fossgate Festival (York) on Sunday afternoon if you are in town.

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