Tuesday 13 July 2010

Bad Lieutenant

Following a disastrous 'improv' tour of the American South in a show based loosely on the 'best bits' of Chekhov, Kelly and Henderson underwent one of their sporadic splits. At the time, Kelly claimed it was down to artistic differences, but it was widely rumoured that he was drinking again and reports surfaced of his frequent re-enacting of the nightclub scene from What's New Pussycat? where Peter O'Toole removes his clothes while dancing. In order to distance himself from his partner's behaviour, Henderson tried to cut it as a straight actor and had some minor successes in supporting roles before winning the main part in Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant. Unfortunately, he found the script unintentionally hilarious and was fired halfway through. No visual evidence was thought to exist of him in the role - until now.

Ironically, Ferrara later filmed it as a comedy with Harvey Keitel.


  1. Is he watching that meter going round and round and round and . . . . wrrrrrrrrrrrrh!

  2. Sir Jimmy Henderson - the new Max Wall.

  3. Not quite sure what happened to his body here...