Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sci-Fi/Monster Movie Posters

The George Pal-produced movie that kicked off the cycle of 50s sci-fi movies in 1950. Isn't this how space rockets were meant to look?

You'd assume any poster for this movie would take advantage of the special effects and use the Martian craft as a selling point, but I guess surprise/suspense was more important - though it's strange that they showed a Martian 'hand', which isn't revealed in the film until later!

Quite an inventive poster that doesn't give too much away. Interesting to see Price is only third in the cast list.

The classic sexually attractive female, limp in the 'creature's' arms.

Cheap movie: tacky poster!

Again, the sexually alluring, submissively prone female - red dress, lips parted! The monster stares down at her lasciviously and the heroes appear to be looking up her skirt. Was no woman safe from these creatures?

The woman gets her revenge. But at what cost? Whatever turns you on, I guess...

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  1. Amazing posters! Thanks for sharing! We just recently put up the trailer for "The Blob." What a classic! It's funny how people were scare by something like that, and now we look back and giggle at it!