Thursday, 3 November 2016

Pat Ffrench and The Orchid House Project on Greg Mitchell's playlist for The Tunnels book party

Music Playlist for The Tunnels

Greg Mitchell
19 October 2016

I’ve always been one of those music nerds who have put together playlists for parties and other events, going back to the 1970s–first on cassettes, then burning CDs, and now, at last, via Spotify. For my book party this week for The Tunnels, I mixed in some songs closely or loosely related to the book, touching on Berlin, or walls, or Cold War, or quests for freedom, etc. Here are some of the tunes that fit that category that I mixed in:

“Chimes of Freedom” Live –Bruce Springsteen Songs That Inspired Fahrenheit 9/11

“Another Brick in The Wall Part I” and “Part III” Pink Floyd The Wall

“One”– U2 Achtung Baby

“First We Take Manhattan” and “Anthem” — Leonard Cohen, The Future

“All Along the Watchtower”–Bob Dylan, John Wesley Harding

“Yes We Can”– Allen Toussaint, Our New Orleans

“Different Sides”– Leonard Cohen, Old Ideas

“Ghosts of the Berlin Wall” — Orchid House Project

“Heroes” single version 1998 remastered– David Bowie, Platinum Collection

“Intervention” — Arcade Fire Neon Bible

“Rusty Cage”–Johnny Cash American II

“You Want It Darker”–Leonard Cohen new single

“Rocking in the Free World” — Crazy Horse, The Purge

Note: Of course, can easily substitute Hendrix version of “Watchtower,” Byrds and Dylan with “Chimes of Freedom,” and on and on.

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