Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Newcastle After Dark - a Photo Essay by Charlie Hedley and Paul Kelly

Newcastle - an open city,

where that once great neo-classical temple to the age of steam

is now a flop house for transients, bums and double-glazing salesmen.

In the face of adversity, some residents manage to maintain a brave face, 

yet it's a city where pretty much anything goes.

Old religions

have been replaced by new

and hardened policemen drunkenly fraternise with hardened criminals,

idling away their evenings

as the city around them descends into Dante's Inferno.

Good men flirt with the edge of villainy and corruption in after-hours bars

where a softly-spoken password ("Swordfish") permits easy access

to more drink and melancholy reflection

on what their future could be.

Despair sets in,

but tomorrow is another day and who knows what it may bring?

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