Monday, 15 July 2013

Prefab Sprout - new album - with tracklist!

John Birch and Scott McPherson (The Prefab Sprout Project) have been invited by Icebreaker LLP to a low-key private hearing of the upcoming album recorded by Paddy McAloon in London. Since 2004, Icebreaker has been bringing together investors, entrepreneurs and creative talent. There is a particular emphasis on commercial projects in the creative and technology industries. Income from these projects is shared between the relevant Icebreaker LLP and the individuals and companies involved.

Icebreaker will be behind the release of the album under licence, scheduled for release on 7 October 2013, in a deal brokered by Keith Armstrong.

The business of each LLP has involved acquiring licences from writers, inventors and other third parties. The LLPs have paid further third parties to exploit these licences, with a view to sharing in the revenue generated from the worldwide distribution of products based on the licences and other commercial arrangements.
Paddy will be meeting with Icebreaker in London next week for a photo session to start off the album promotion. There is album artwork right now, which we will share once it has been approved, together with more information from the press pack.

1. The Best Jewel Thief In The World
2. The List of Impossible Things
3. Adolescence
4. Grief Built The Taj Mahal
5. Devil Came A Calling
6. Billy
7. The Dreamer
8. The Songs Of Danny Galway
9. The Old Magician
10. Mysterious