Monday, 22 July 2013

Bumper Bob Dylan!

Bob Dylan is currently touring with Wilco and My Morning Jacket, and on Monday night in Toronto, Jeff Tweedy (of the former) and Jim James (of the latter) joined him onstage for a pretty terrific rendition of gospel standard “Twelve Gates to the City.”

American family meets Bob Dylan this week outside a hotel in St. Paul, Minnesota

My real-world friends and family are pretty excited for me, but I still had to post this here for folks I know will really appreciate.

Myself, two of my friends, and our families (spouses and kids) got to meet Bob outside the hotel yesterday.
He was really friendly, all smiles, and so, so sweet to my four-year-old daughter. I was holding her and he leaned in and held out his finger to her so she could give him a pointer finger five. And he talked to her really sweetly.

He was really generous with his time and never once acted like he needed to get away. In fact he seemed really relaxed and like he was enjoying himself.

I feel like I won the lottery.

Yes, he was really friendly to all of us, but you could see he was really charmed by the kids. As she was coming up to me to hold her, I told Bob, She'll really like to meet you. You're like Santa Claus to her. He goes, Really? Like he thought that was kind of weird. I was like, Yeah, you know, she sees you on all the album covers and she's always asking, Daddy, is Bob Dylan really real in our world? He liked that. He goes, Oh, yeah, and he laughed.

Then she comes right up to him and says Hi, Bob Dylan. Not hi, or hi, Bob, or hi, Mr. Dylan like she does with most people she meets. It was like that was how you had to address him, both names. She did the same thing when she told him bye. It was really funny.

Another kind of funny part. My friend, who is not really a Dylan fan at all but just tolerates the rest of us, was kind of just standing off to the side with he look of a patient, bemused mother while we were talking to Bob. She's a scientist/professor of fisheries. Finally when my other friend goes inside the hotel to get these cool Route 66 postcards Bob agreed to sign for us, I took that moment to introduce her to Bob. He'd asked all of us what we did for a living, so when I introduced her, I said this is my friend So-and-so. She's a fish doctor(which is what we all say to tease her). Bob goes, A fish doctor! Really. Like you treat fish when they're sick?

My friend laughs and shakes his hand. She goes, Not exactly. I'm a university professor. I study fish.

Then, just to keep teasing her, I say, ask her how she has to squeeze the fish to help them breed.

Bob looks at her and starts laughing. He goes, I have never heard of a thing such as that. That's the weirdest thing I ever heard of yet.

My friend goes, and you thought your job was weird.

He's still kind of laughing and he goes, Yeah, right? That's wild.

Seriously, I can't believe we had that conversation with Bob Dylan.


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