Sunday, 20 February 2011

Farewell, My Lovely

Saturday Play - Classic Chandler - 3. Farewell My Lovely
By Raymond Chandler Dramatised by Robin Brooks

When Philip Marlowe sees a huge, loudly dressed man casually throwing a bouncer out onto the the pavement as he goes into a bar, he knows it's time to walk away, so he follows him inside. The big guy is Moose Molloy, recently released from an eight year prison sentence and now on the hunt for his old sweetheart, a red-haired nightclub singer named Velma Valento.

Marlowe follows a trail which includes a stick-up, blackmail, an irresistible blonde, a psychic, drugs and murder, and it leads him all the way to the top of a corrupt state of California.

Farewell My Lovely was the second of Chandler's novels featuring Marlowe. It was adapted for the big screen three times.


Philip Marlowe ..... Toby Stephens Moose Malloy ..... Richard Ridings Mrs Grayle ..... Madeleine Potter Morrison ..... Pat Starr Randall ..... Jude Akuwudike Nulty/ Amthor ..... Sean Baker Jessie Florian ..... Joanna Monro Galbraith ..... Lloyd Thomas Marriott ..... Iain Batchelor Ann Riordan ..... Claire Harry Sonderborg ..... Adeel Akhtar Laird Brunette/ Second Planting ..... Sam Dale

Directed by Mary Peate Adapted by Robin Brooks

Robin Brooks (dramatist) has recently dramatised I Claudius in 5 episodes for BBC Radio 4. Other Classic Serials include: Boswell's Life of Johnson, My Cousin Rachel and The Fountain Overflows by Rebecca West.

Listen to it on BBC iPlayer:

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  1. I enjoyed this play and learning of this great website. I listened to "The Big Sleep" too, it's a fave!