Wednesday 16 June 2010

Tyne Bridge Tower - Hooray!

Tyne Bridge Tower set to be demolished

Jun 11 2010 by Tony Henderson
Evening Chronicle

A SIXTIES eyesore seen by thousands everyday as they cross the Tyne is to be flattened.

The 13-storey Tyne Bridge Tower shares the Gateshead riverbank landscape with the Sage and the medieval St Mary’s Church buildings.

Now, One North East, which bought the tower for more than £4m from UK Land Estates, has submitted a planning application to demolish the building and its walkway link to the Tyne Bridge.

The demolition is expected to clear the way for improved links between the regenerated Gateshead riverside and the town centre.

A One North East spokesman said: “We are shortly to begin the process of appointing a contractor and hope to be able to start demolition work at Tyne Bridge Tower later this summer.

“In the short-term the site will be made safe and landscaped.

“Longer-term, Tyne Bridge Tower has been identified by partners for a mixed-use development that will help link Gateshead Quays to the town centre.”

It is expected that the planning bid will be considered by Gateshead councillors before the end of next month.

The building, which is in a conservation area, was used by the Inland Revenue until June 2005 and has been standing empty since then.

There have been several failed proposals to re-use and capitalise on its stunning views over the Tyne, including recladding, extension and conversion into 168 apartments by developer City Lofts.

Another plan by UK Land Estates was to turn the building into flats , adding a curved extension facing the nearby Sage but this failed to win planning approval.

The company then hired a marketing agency to come up with a new image for the prominent, but dated, building.

The site will now become a key part of Gateshead Central West regeneration plans.

Let's hope it comes down rather faster than the 'Get Carter' car park... Expect to see a photo of the ubiquitous Mick Henry, leader of Gateshead Council, gurning in his hard hat and banging on about the kind of regeneration of Gateshead that is only several decades overdue - unless Cameron's cuts force a change of plan. Jim must have many a story of being taught how to beat tax evaders with a rubber hose when he first started working there. Ah, the halcyon days that helped define an era.


  1. I'll miss it. I had my first sexual experience in the basement there. With McConkey.

  2. You too? OK, I was only WATCHING, but I was there.

  3. Going the same way as the Egypt Cottage - I had my last sexual experience there but no one was watching.

  4. I worked on the second floor from 1985 till 1994, also worked at Newgate House 1974 till 1985 sadly demolished to make way for The Gate. Mmmm, I think there is a theme developing here.

  5. They'll never demolish PJ - Pelaw's answer to Arnie Whats-his-name...