Thursday 17 June 2010

FRIDAY NIGHT at the Bodega

In an effort to kick start one of the dullest - though loudest - World Cups ever (unless you're Dutch or German), the next meeting of the FNB will convene at the Bodega for the Engerland game at 7.30 on Friday, as Gerrard and Rooney try to inspire a bunch of has-beens and blowhards to their first win of the competition.


  1. 1 . 2 . 3 . they're coming home, they're coming home, they're coming, England's coming home ....

  2. And I hope to be there after 8.30

  3. "Hope"? "AFTER 8.30"? This sort of lily-livered, namby-pamby, pseudo-liberal, wish-washy attitude nearly lost us the last war. We want all FNBs to attend at 7.30pm PROMPT, with their boots polished and carnations behind their ears.