Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Too little too late...

"You are not going to take the
piss out of this football club
and you are not going to take
the piss out of this city."
A. Shearer, 2009

Unfortunately, Mr. Shearer wasn't addressing his comments to the club's current owner or the previous one, both of whom have done just that over the past few years, with Fat Fred making a tidy bundle out of it.

Trouble is, the piss taking started way back when Robson failed to show any control over the Quayside antics of Dyer, Jenas, Bramble and Bellamy - which then spilled onto the pitch. And, of course, after a period of what counts for success up here, he sold Solano and Speed and bought the redoubtable Lee Bowyer, thus ushering in an era of awful football where a victory felt like a loss. And then we got Graeme Souness and the rest is history.

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