Thursday, 21 May 2009

Duck Off!


Another Tory MP, Sir Peter Viggers, will step down at the next election after claiming £30,000 on gardening.

The Daily Telegraph said that Sir Peter, MP for Gosport, claimed £1,645 for a duck island.

After hearing about the latest expenses revelations, David Cameron told Sir Peter he faced the removal of the whip if he did not announce that he would not run again at the next election, the BBC has learned.

The Conservative scrutiny panel will decide what figure Sir Peter will have to pay back. Sources say it will be a "substantial sum".

Sir Peter said the claims he made "were in accordance with the rules at the time, and were all approved by the fees office".He added: "As with all other Conservative MPs my expenses are being examined by David Cameron's scrutiny panel and I await any recommendations they may make."


1 comment:

  1. Have a heart. The poor chap's ducks would have been homeless without the generosity of the taxpayer.

    Hang on, I'm a taxpayer. The thieving bastard!