Saturday, 2 May 2009


In a radical musical departure, Ian has written a dirty lowdown blues. It is about to be posted as an mp3/video to the site. It's full of unrelenting sexual images that he fears/hopes will get the FBs hot under their collective collars. In the song, musically reminiscent of Beyond Here Lies Nothin'(off Bob's new one) and Black Magic Woman, but at a slower pace, he unburdens himself. He's "open to suggestions, in the middle of the night", urging his lover to get him "hot under the collar, in other places too!" before looking forward to making her "fantails bill and coo" - and the records prove he can do it. Further references to "love boiling over", "want to kiss you 'til I'm breathless" and a desire to "taste you in the morning" leave the listener in no doubt as to this fella's filthy motives. This litany of lust is tempered by perhaps the song's best line, the not-entirely salacious-free, but nicely put: "I want to put you in my favourites, take you for a ride." Just stay clear of this brazen beast, he's on heat. Feedback required, but keep it clean - the inspectors are watching us.

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