Thursday 30 March 2017

Last night's set lists

At The Habit, York: -

Da Elderly: -
Heart Of Gold
Out Of The Blue

Ron Elderly: -
10 Simple Words (song debut)
The River

The Elderly Brothers: -
Sea Of Heartbreak
Bad Moon Rising
Bye Bye Love

It was a crazily busy night in The Habit, with a full compliment of players already installed by about 9:30pm. Ron introduced a song he wrote a few years ago and it was well received - there will be a small prize for any FNB who can guess the "10 simple words" tomorrow night. Dave from Leeds performed a segue of Bill Nelson songs, the duo Dos Hombres treated us to some excellent latin-jazz instrumental music and several acts made their Habit debuts, including a duo who brought the house down with an unexpected Time After Time. Given the momentous political significance of the day, The Elderly Brothers, who were the final turn of the night, chose a special Brexit-style set list. Time ran out before we could play We Can Work It Out!

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