Thursday 2 March 2017

Last night's set list

At The Habit, York: -

Love Song
Into The Light

Ron is on holiday, so there was no Elderly Brothers' set. There were already 9 players waiting to play when I walked in at 8:30 and more kept coming as the night progressed. There was a sizeable non-playing audience too, who were appreciative of the wide variety of music on show. We had a new instrumental acoustic duo who played Spanish guitars: their first number was a jam in a Latin-jazz style, the second an improvisation on Stairway To Heaven - great musicianship and a hit with the punters. One of last week's duos returned and again wowed the audience with cool guitar work and spot-on harmonies. My own set was hampered by a voice resembling crushed gravel and I was provided with a shot of Auchentoshan after the first song to get me through the second - very generous! The punters didn't seem to mind, but maybe I should just have done some Tom Waits?

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