Saturday 25 October 2014

FRIDAY NIGHT BOY COOL #273 Dad's Army on set in Thetford, Norfolk

Left to right: John Le Mesurier, who played Sergeant Arthur Wilson, Arthur Lowe, who played captain Mainwaring and James Beck, who played Private Joe Walker are pictured between shoots with Eric Burroughes, the owner of the farm where filming was taking place 
Arthur Lowe, in full Captain Mainwaring uniform but with a cigarette dangling uncharacteristically from his lips, signs his name for two young autograph hunters
Taking it easy: John Le Mesurier has a cigarette break between shots at Walnut Tree Farm
Arnold Ridley, wearing what appears to be a fireman's uniform, sits on a bench in Thetford. These images are all that survives to document the Thetford filming, as the BBC either ditched or lost the other records
Ian Lavender, who was made famous by his portrayal of the gormless Private Pike, is pictured on Walnut Tree Farm, Bressingham
Clive Dunn, who played Lance-Corporal Jack Jones, relaxes in a chair in Nether Row, Thetford. While the series was set in the fictional coastal town of Walmington-on-Sea, most of the filming took place in Norfolk
John Laurie, outside The Six Bells pub in Suffolk. Dad's Army ran for nine years from 1968 and pulled in 18million viewers at its peak
David Croft, the producer and director of Dad's Army, is pictured in Thetford on the set of Time On My Hands

Arnold Ridley and his wife Althea sit next to John Laurie, as he does crossword. John Laurie and Ian Lavender would see who could finish the word puzzle first
Clive Dunn sits with a local boy on the set of The Desperate Drive of Corporal Jones, filmed at High Lodge, Brandon, Norfolk

Arnold Ridley, who played Private Charles Godfrey, is pictured on set. Michael Gambon will take on his part in a new film adaptation
James Beck poses with extras from the Thetford Am Dram Society. Keith Eldred, the leader of the society, was often called on to provide extras for scenes and recalls that his actors were usually paid £10 per day
Arthur Lowe has a stretch while standing next to Tim Ball, who appeared in the episode Come In, Your Time Is Up, as a boy scout
John Laurie takes on another crossword in while sitting in Nether Row, Thetford, during filming for Time On My Hands
Mr Eldred recalled that John Le Mesurier was once playing his piano, but 'complained it was a rotten piano and was out of tune'
Expert camouflage: Bill Pertwee, dressed as Chief Warden Hodges, plays around on set during filming in Wacton. The crew used Rosalyn Barrett's house (pictured) for filming, and while she was only paid £10, Mr Pertwee agreed to take her and her husband out for dinner

I'm ashamed to say I took these from The Daily Wail site:

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