Thursday, 11 April 2013

Last night's set list

At The Habit, York (The Elderly Brothers): -

Things We Said Today
Funny How Love Can Be
Bye Bye Love

Another manic night of musical mayhem including an unexpected appearance by the wonderful Tony Bengtsson, holidaying Geordie exile, who was rather over-refreshed but still awesome.

It was rather satisfying to surprise the baying crowd with an Ivy League song, not that they knew what the hell we were singing!

A point of order though; when you're limited to 4 songs each, it is very bad form to play all 115 verses of American Pie as your last song. Please note, you selfish bastard whoever you were.


  1. There are six verses in American Pie, grandpa. Wash yer ears out and rock out.

  2. It's extremely bad manners to sing even one verse of that excruciating dirge.

    It's enough to make me wish that the infant Don McLain had been on Buddy Holly's knee that fateful night in Feb 1959

  3. I just reckoned up and find that McLean was 14 years old in 1959........still.......they might have squeezed the squawking twat in and saved us all from that earache