Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Last night's set list

At the Fulford Arms, York: -

Heart Of Gold
Unknown Legend
Out On The Weekend
Love Song
There Stands The Glass
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
All I Have To Do Is Dream
Teach Your Children

Finished off a most enjoyable evening of open mic music with rather more songs than I'd expected to play. Most turns were backed with drums and/or bass + guitar.  So much fun to play in a band, albeit a scratch band.

Some excellent country tunes from Matt Ransom and some swampy Velvet Underground-tinged songs from Simon Micklethwaite. Great harmonies, bass and lead guitar from host Dave Keegan.

And beer too of course!


  1. I hope you managed more than one beer.

  2. To me beer is always plural.

  3. Da's working on a new song:

    Bidet Blues.

  4. Wow.....beer eh.

    And more than one !

    Sounds like a real man to me.