Saturday, 22 September 2012

Today's set lists

At the York Beer Festival (with Ron): -

Set 1: -
You Better Move On
Bye Bye Love
Love Hurts
Wild Horses
Let It Be Me
Dream Baby
You Got It
Heart Of Gold
I Don't Want To Talk About It

Set 2: -
The Price Of Love
To Know You Is To Love You
Sweet Virginia

An enjoyable afternoon of music and (much) beer attended by many pals + Lucy & Lee. It was a very good thing that the train back terminated at Newcastle otherwise who knows where I might have ended up!

The keen-eyed will notice that the greenish poster refers to Ravenscroft ale! A first I think.


  1. I was there on Wednesday and, had I not been down in Brigg yesterday, I'd have done a 15 minute slot myself.

  2. Disgrace - should be The Scoundrels wowing the fans!