Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Newcastle Metro Tramp Alive. Maybe.

According to someone at the BBC who did a little digging, the police and the coroner have had NO reports of a dead tramp. Hope he's okay, but Jim and I haven't seen him for over a month, about the time these stories of his death started appearing...

Photo by Anthony Dorman, as was yesterday's: http://www.flickr.com/photos/16059306@N08/7354914508/

If you scroll down here, however, things don't look too good:


  1. This has become complicated. A man was taken into hospital who later died. The man in my photographed has been identified by one of his relatives. The problem lies with the fact that the man who died in hospital was not formally identified before being cremated. There is an ongoing medical investigation going on which is causing distress to the man in my photographs family. He chose his lifestyle against their wishes and they are devastated not knowing officially that he is dead. I believe that some of the recent sightings are people trying to be funny or they are confusing him with another homeless man I have also photographed in Newcastle. Oh and his real name is none of the ones mentioned.

    I have been contacted by the press regarding this man, not the Chronicle who would not know what was happening outside their office never mind in their city.


  2. Thanks, Anthony.

    Cremated without being formally identified, yet so many people 'knew' him. Interesting how the social media seem to have taken this up (okay - facetiously in a few cases) and only then has it been followed up by the 'official' media.

    I suppose we can cling onto the hope that it's not him, but it IS some poor guy either way.

  3. Most of the 13,000+ on the Facebook site supposedly dedicated to this man don't care what has happened. Quite a few of them think it's ok to ridicule him but then they are like so many brainless morons acting out of ignorance and cruelty. I have spent some time in the last week contacting the homeless of newcastle as well as charities and police to try and clear up the recent sightings. No body else seams to be doing it and for some reason I feel that I should. It is pretty safe to say that the man in my photographs is the man wh has died. Why do I care so much about someone I know so little about - I don't honestly know. Maybe because the first photo I took of him was candid and that's something I don't really do. I like to think its because I spend so much time analysing people's faces that I saw something very honest and likeable in his. I do know that I hate bullies and will always stick up for people. I feel that he should be treated with dignity, after all what harm did he ever do to anyone?


  4. Good luck finding out the truth. Hes been part of newcastle for so long its a shame to loose one of the few characters left. Fb is full of morons,the man they keep on seeing is the warwick street vomit gnome,hes in a sorry state but its defo not albert/arthur.