Sunday, 16 October 2011

Raymond Chandler - The Little Sister

Saturday Play - Classic Chandler - 7. The Little Sister

A small, neat girl walks into Philip Marlowe's office. Orfamay Quest is looking for her brother Orrin. She gives Marlowe twenty dollars and lots of moral disapproval. Marlowe takes the case and finds himself drawn into the glamorous world of the Hollywood film studios. Toby Stephens plays Philip Marlowe in a landmark series bringing all Raymond Chandler's Marlowe novels to Radio 4.

Philip Marlowe...Toby Stephens
Orfamay Quest...Kelly Burke
Mavis...Fenella Woolgar
Clausen...Peter Polycarpou
Dolores...Ginita Jimenez
Lagardie...John Guerrasio
Hicks...Jonathan Forbes

Dramatised by Stephen Wyatt Directed by Claire Grove

This series brings all the Philip Marlowe novels to Radio 4's Saturday Play. The Big Sleep 1939, Farewell My Lovely 1940, The High Window 1942, The Lady in the Lake 1943, The Little Sister 1949 and The Long Goodbye 1953, and two lesser known novels, Playback 1958 and Poodle Springs, unfinished at the time of his death in 1959.

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