Friday, 28 October 2011

THE DA DIARIES - an occasional series.

1AM: Another great gig last night. Somewhere. The general consensus was I was the best performer of the evening. Again.
3AM: A sleepless night. Woke up and dug out volume six of Winston Churchill's war memoirs. Skipped the section on the overthrow of the Third Reich and headed straight for his chapter on hangover cures. Old Churchill loved his ale too, and make no mistake.
9AM: Ivana, my care lady, arrived early. She was sweet and attentive, as always, but urged her to wash and dress me rapidly. I was eager to get into Newcastle City Centre to purchase Soulicious, Cliff Richard's well-received tribute to classic soul music.
11.30AM: Called in to The Duke ale house on the way to HMV. The barmaid looked at me in a curious way.
3PM: Joined a South African band at the Monument in a rendition of Phyllis Nelson's Move Closer. Great reaction from shoppers.
4.30PM: Leading playwright Tom Kelly sent me another 32 'Tyneside is Always on the Dole' lyrics.
6PM: Getting ready to meet the Friday Boys. They're all great guys. Even Terry.


  1. Is Da on medication? I'm worried.

  2. Time on my hands...

  3. The views expressed on this blog are not necessarily those of the pilloried victim.

  4. I thought Da's life would be more exciting.

  5. Da's lucky. Ivana is really attentive.

  6. Why live your own life when you can make up someone else's to be more interesting!

  7. Don't believe a word of it. Apart from buying the Cliff Richard record.