Thursday, 6 January 2011

Larkin Mugged by Hull Yobs

Philip Larkin statue's 'glasses' broken by yobs at Hull's Paragon Station

Vandals have damaged the new Philip Larkin statue in Hull's Paragon Station.

A spokesperson for Larkin 25 confirmed the glasses on the statue suffered "minor damage" between Christmas and New Year.

The statue of the poet, who lived in Hull, was unveiled in December on the 25th anniversary of his death.

Larkin25 chairman Professor Graham Chesters said: "I am disappointed, but it is only a minor piece of damage and I am confident it will be repaired quickly."

Comment by one wag: "Wonder the guy didnt have his glasses smashed a few times in reallife when you consider he was a womanising, bullying, drunken racist, bordering on insanity.

Pull the ruddy thing down. Celebrating a man such as this is a disgrace."
Taxpayers' money etc etc...