Thursday, 20 January 2011

Howard Pyle

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  1. Howard Pyle means more to me that Dylan, Elvis and beer combined.


  2. Have you seen the amazing book, WONDROUS STRANGE? It contains Pyle's work as well as NC Wyeth's (his student) and the rest of the Wyeths. A lovely book. I am such a fan of Howard Pyle and N.C. Wyeth, both. Love especially all the ships and pirates. The cover of my issue of Rafael Sabatini's CAPTAIN BLOOD uses the Pyle illustration you've posted. The pirate with the red cape.
    Don't know if you saw my post on WONDROUS STRANGE, but you can view it from the main page of my bog. Just check the right hand side for the link. If you like. Glad to find another fan of Howard Pyle.