Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Dennis Wise

Loathe though I am to promote tabloid journalism, here's Simon Bird in the Daily Mirror having a go at Sky Sport favourite, former midfield "battler" (i.e. dirty player) and friend of taxi drivers everywhere, Dennis Wise. Good on you, Simon.

"The Mirror's Simon Bird speaks for most of us with this piece about the odious Dennis Wise:

I'd love to see Dennis Wise return to management and get just what he deserves

Dennis Wise fears his managerial career may have been wrecked by his experience at Newcastle.

Let’s hope not.

I’d love to see Dirty Den back in a job.

I hope he lands a chairman who then decides to appoint a Director of Football above his head, and deliberately misleads fans about the scope of his role as a “public relations exercise.”

I hope Wisey then draws up a list of transfer targets that are ignored. I hope he argues his case, and is treated with disrespect and disdain, by a bunch of cronies who are supposed to be the club’s crack transfer delivery team.

I hope Wisey is then told to sign a little known South American player that he doesn’t want, and has never heard of. In the ensuing row, I hope Wisey’s told to check the player out on YouTube.

I hope he is told that the decision is out of his hands because instead of signing players for playing reasons (an old fashioned concept I know) this deal is for “commercial reasons“ as a “favour“ to some agent pals.

I hope Dennis then feels the need to quit, because his working conditions are impossible, being asked to manage players he didn’t want to sign.

And then I’d then love to see him keep quiet, with the sort of dignity Kevin Keegan did for 15 months, before the full grubby truth of the shambles emerged in a court room."
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