Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The Great North Brexit Museum to be built on Nissan site in Sunderland

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Ella Fairchild
The Evening Chronic
24 April 2018

Sunderland councillors are said to be 'over the f*%*ing moon' that the government has given the green light for plans to build The Great North Brexit Museum in Washington on the soon-to-be-vacant Nissan site.

Sunderland Council's Head of Museums and Culture, Vanessa Byrne, said, "The main display will consist of a thirty foot wall of bricks crowned by barbed wire fashioned from Nissan car parts and each brick will be engraved with the name of a the Brexit voter from Sunderland so that people can trace their fingers along it and contemplate the great sacrifice these people made."

She added, "For a small fee, they will be able to light a candle and buy their bairns a sausage roll to keep them from crying."

Greggs have already expressed an interest in the sausage roll concession.

"Schools in Hartlepool have asked about day trips and we hope to create as many as 15 jobs," an anonymous council source claimed.

When told of the plans, ex-Nissan worker Bob Smalls from Hendon said, "Champion. Who said Brexit would be a bad thing for the north-east?"


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