Monday, 3 October 2016

Out and About with Prefab Sprout #16 - Paddy McAloon in Newcastle

No actual photo of the event this time, but the Great Man was only a few feet away from me in HMV, checking out the jazz section (for completists' sake, round about the C/D/E section - as opposed to M for Mobley where I was), nattily attired in hat and plaid check overshirt, similar to a Pendleton or maybe a Ravenscroft... I didn't buy anything, but headed home grinning.


  1. Next time you are formally DARED by the rules of DARE to get him to sign a copy of the “She’s Gotta Have It” DVD with a knowing wink, and report back on the outcome.

  2. C - Coltrane, John
    D - Davis, Miles
    E - Ellington, Duke