Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Misery and Blues at The Blue House Roundabout, Newcastle

Newcastle City Council have put forward controversial plans for the redevelopment of the Blue House Roundabout. If they get the go-ahead - after a remarkably but not unsurprisingly short consultation period (when many people will be on their summer holiday...) - the project seems guaranteed to piss off motorists (already pissed off by the many traffic projects the council are putting into place elsewhere around the city. Did I mention the changes to the twin roundabouts at South Gosforth (see below),

the changes at Cowgate, the mess that is Gosforth High Street, the flow of traffic around the Central Station?), cyclists, nearby residents, conservationists and some local MPs.

Here's how the project will eat up great chunks of the nearby moors:

Viz co-creator Chris Donald has come up with his own solution:

Of course, Newcastle doesn't have a monopoly on this:

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