Friday, 9 May 2014

Wednesday night's set list

At The Habit, York - The Elderly Brothers: -

The Price Of Love
Let It Be Me
Walk Right Back
Handle Me With Care
End Of The Line
Bird Dog

Four Everlys classics and two Traveling Wilburys tunes kept the sparce audience amused on a very quiet post Bank Holiday evening. End Of The Line was another first for the Elderlys.

Drunks at the front made it quite difficult for some of the turns, but luckily they didn't last long after their 4th triple vodkas + white wine!!

There were some interesting covers including a somewhat raucous All Along The Watchtower and a low key Heart Of Glass with fingerpicked guitar accompaniment.

The Elderlys Habit gig for the next Bank Holiday Sunday 25th May is confirmed, 8 till late - and it's free!! except for the drinks of course.

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