Thursday, 20 March 2014

Ian Ravenscroft at The Centurion: A Ten Song Set

Ian, right, with reviewer Paul Kelly in the centre; on the left is estranged FNB Jimmy Henderson, for whom the past is another country (Hebburn...).
The Best of Da
1 I Want to Sing You a Love Song
2 How Can We Say Goodbye?
3 Is It Only The Moonlight?
4 I'm Just a Loser
5 Falling
6 Everybody's Talkin'
7 Where The Blue of the Night Meets the Gold of the Day
8 Out on the Weekend
9 Heart of Gold
10 Harvest Moon

A SPARSE but appreciative audience witnessed a 'Best of Da' ten-song set last night.

Given free rein due to a shortage of players, he took full advantage.

Five self-composed numbers kicked off the evening, with the jaunty thirties-styled 'Is It Only the Moonlight' and the waiting-to-be-recognised pop standard that is 'Falling' connecting best with punters.

Ploughing on, regardless of rowdy revellers at the bar, a few fluffed lyrics during 'Everybody's Talkin'' failed to deflect from its evergreen musical buoyancy.

Best of all was a tender rendition of Crosby's 'Where the Blue of the Night...'

A harmonica-accompanied 'Heart of Gold' followed before he closed up with a swooning 'Harvest Moon'.

After carefully packing up his guitar and harmonica rack he was approached by one appreciative audience member with the words: "Thank you for entertaining us".

It was fair comment.


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