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Bob Dylan - Revisionist Art in Newcastle upon Tyne

Revisionist Art, Coming Soon

We're delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of hand signed limited edition silkscreens on canvas and paper from Bob Dylan

Revisionist Art

In 1965 Bob Dylan picked up an electric guitar and changed the face of rock and roll music forever. In 2014 he challenges our perception of him as an artist.

Dylan has never been afraid to defy his audience – many times he has left them struggling to keep up. He left behind the protest songs and swapped his acoustic guitar for an electric one, bewildering many of his fans. 
But none of this ever seems to concern Dylan, his eyes are firmly fixed on the road ahead, never looking back.

In 2008 Dylan captivated the world with the Drawn Blank Series. Revisionist Art could not be any more different. This collection reveals a hard-edged, conceptual form of art that boldly displays the Dylan-esque artistic intelligence fully at work. Bob Dylan is once again showing us the world as he sees it, and he challenges us to come along for the ride.

From 12 April 2014
61-67 Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6EF

More detail:

With a keen sense of awareness of everyday phenomena, in his Revisionist art Bob Dylan has transformed popular design elements—from Bondage Magazine to Baby Talk—by reconsidering the purposes of each: the graphics, syntax and chromatic content, enlarging them into silkscreened images that measure more than four feet in height. He combines a wide range of popular styles, the sources of which he has reshaped to produce new conflations of image and meaning.

Dylan has long been a willful contextualizer of his own source material. All personas are interchangeable. His diverse musical output spans a wealth of genres. His Revisionist art provides a glimpse of an artistic process that is equally maverick and elusive.

The most celebrated singer-songwriter of our time, Bob Dylan’s visual art is marked by the same constant drive for renewal that characterizes his legendary music. Although he has been making art since the 1960s, his work was not publicly exhibited until 2007 when an exhibition of “The Drawn Blank Series” was held in Chemnitz, Germany, followed by “The Brazil Series” at the Statens Museum, Copenhagen, in 2010–11. “The Asia Series” was presented at Gagosian New York in 2011.

And don't forget the book...

Revisionist Art: Thirty Works by Bob Dylan

Authors: Introduction by Luc Sante; essay by B. Clavery
Imprint: Abrams Books

ISBN: 1-4197-0979-8
EAN: 9781419709791
Page Count: 156
Cover: Hardcover
Illustrations: 38

In Revisionist Art, Bob Dylan offers silkscreened covers of popular magazines from the last half century that somehow escaped history’s notice. As Luc Sante says in his introduction to this collection, they seem to emanate, “from a world just slightly removed from ours--a world a bit more honest about its corruption, its chronic horniness, its sweat, its body odor.” Art critic B. Clavery provides a history of Revisionist Art, from cave drawings, to Gutenberg, to Duchamp, Picasso, and Warhol. The book also features vivid commentaries on the work, (re)acquainting the reader with such colorful historical figures as the Depression-era politician Cameron Chambers, whose mustache became an icon in the gay underworld, and Gemma Burton, a San Francisco trial attorney who used all of her assets in the courtroom. According to these works, history is not quite what we think it is.

Praise for Revisionist Art:

“Revisionist Art may be the strangest move Dylan has made in a long while, but it’s also his most brilliantly uproarious foray into full-blown comedy.” —Rolling Stone, four-star review

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