Friday, 2 March 2012

The Great Loudo Treads the Boards...

If you happen to be in New York...

Hot Lunch Apostles

Talking Band is reviving Sidney Goldfarb’s 1983 play “Hot Lunch Apostles” — which concerns a group of carnival strippers who start performing stories from the Bible. The company will transform La MaMa’s Ellen Stewart Theatre into a fairground, complete with game booths, food stands and geek shows. Furthermore it stars one of my favorite actor-singer-songwriters: Loudon Wainwright III (author of the hit single “Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road” and the classy anthem that introduced his son to the world, “Rufus is a Tit Man”). It also features choreography by the Downtown burlesque scene’s very own Tigger. Exciting stuff, and on view through March 18. For tickets and info:

Hot Lunch Apostles
March 1 – March 18, 2012

A featured production in La MaMa’s 50th anniversary season, Talking Band transforms the Ellen Stewart Theatre into a fairground, complete with game booths, food stands, and geek shows, where sex and religion bash up against each other with perfect theatrical panache.

First produced at La MaMa in 1983, Hot Lunch Apostles imagined a near future with fifty million unemployed in an economically devastated America.

To survive in a time of desperate competition and fervent religion, a traveling troupe of carnival strippers switches to performing stories from the Bible. In its first remounting in 28 years, the play proves to be as prophetic as it is provocative.

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