Monday, 12 March 2012

Bob's back in the studio...

Bob Dylan Recording At Jackson Browne Studio
by Paul Cashmere on March 10, 2012

Bob Dylan has been working on his next album at Jackson Browne’s studio in Los Angeles.

David Hidalgo, from Los Lobos, told the Apsen Times this week that he has been working with Bob on the record.

Hidalgo described the sessions as sounding nothing like Dylan had ever done. “It was a great experience. And different. Each one has been different, all completely different approaches. It’s an amazing thing, how he keeps creativity. I don’t see how he does it,” he said.

David also played on the last two Dylan albums. He said on this one he gets to play his Mexican instruments. An Accordion and a Tres (guitar-like instrument) were in the studio. David started to play them, Bob heard it and invited him to add the sounds to the record.

Dylan’s last album was ‘Christmas Through The Heart’ in 2009.

And from

PUERTO VALLARTA, Prensa Latina, Jan 28 - The US musical
iconography (sic) Bob Dylan is to make a new LP using the tres
Cubano, an instrument similar to guitar.

A source, declining to be giving his name, is saying Mr Bob Dylan
is definitely making the new record and will make wonderful
songs for a new generation of fans.

Strangely, his choice is to revisit his older songs, but to use the music
from different old songs. The source tells PV: "He said it would be
kind of fun, "you know mix it up a little man", I think that's what he

The source, hailing from a different part of the continent, says he is a
big Bob Dylan fan so he wanted to get some ideas of what songs
would be appearing.

"So man, I was excited to a great extent to meet this guy, but I wanted
to know, you know, what songs?"

It turns out that one example is that Mr Bob Dylan will sing the words
of Blowing In the Wind to the tune of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door''.

"He's telling me: look I want to make it really hard, a big challenge, so
the tunes won't really fit the words but you know I can deal with that
and make it work.''

Another example is the timeful (sic) classic Hurricane slowed down a lot
and with a more obscure recent tune "Life is Hard".

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