Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Joan Baez likes Bob's Christmas album too

Q: Since you've raised the name, what have been your impressions of Bob Dylan's recent albums and the remarkable success they've met with?

A: My mother and I spent a long time listening to his Christmas album. That's the first one I've really been attached to in a long time.
He's a legend, in his extraordinary way, and I think he will always be. In some sense I will be, but not with those multitudes of people. Also because I'm transparent, and he refuses to be. He remains a mystery, and that interests people as well.


  1. Agreed his Xmas album was a delight!

    Sounds like I enjoyed his other most recent dozen albums a bit more than you did though :-)

    I'm traveling to Chicago Oct. 30 to catch his Saturday-before-Halloween show there ...

  2. oops - just realized that was joan talkin' & you quotin'!