Sunday, 21 February 2010

Da plays Neil #2

The setlist: -

Roll Another Number (For The Road)
Broken Arrow
Love Art Blues
Give Me Strength
Good Phone
Sugar Mountain
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
On The Way Home
I Don't Want To Talk About It*

* dedicated to Danny Whitten (Crazy Horse)


  1. That's a longer setlist than Dylan at Blackbushe in '78.

  2. The word is that Da refused to leave the stage. They disconnected the cables, switched out the lights and locked up the place, but he refused to stop playing, crying in the darkness: "I am Shakey Ravenscroft!" After 20 consecutive versions of Rockin' in the Free World, he apparently collapsed and was taken to a hostel for homeless men. Grahame said: "Da needs Deuchar and some TLC in the Toon - and fast!"

  3. It's cruel what absence from the Toon can do to a man.

  4. You should be proud of your Da. He really knows how to work a crowd of middle-aged men.

  5. Anyone want the rehearsal tape? The first run through of Roll Another Number has a shorter intro and there's a killer version of Powderfinger that he had to leave out because the first act spent too long tuning up. Long may he run!

  6. The must have bootleg is the after hours hotel lobby tape (2:30am finish) which includes: -

    Ambulance Blues
    On The Beach
    Motion Pictures (For Carrie)
    I Believe In You
    Silver & Gold
    Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
    Round & Round & Round
    Don't Let It Bring You Down
    Cinnamon Girl
    The Loner
    + a Beatles medley: -
    While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    + a CSN medley: -
    Teach Your Children
    Long Time Gone
    etc etc etc till the ambulance arrived.

  7. Only if it's the first generation master complete with coughing fit between Blackbird and Piggies. If you've got that, it's worth some money!