Sunday, 30 August 2009


To retain the dynamic of the Friday Boy Project it will be necessary to recruit a new face to step into the shoes of the soon to be departed Da. I know he is irreplaceable, but it must be done. Nomination papers will be sent out within days, but initial groundings indicate that favourites are emerging. Big D has suggested we should put feelers out to Phillip Garrido, "to enable us to get inside the mind of a monster". Thanks Dave. I have gender-issues with Grahame's favourite candidate - thus his campaign to bring in Carla Bruni is doomed, while Terry's insistence that "all nominees must be Lit. and Phil. members" would rule out both Garrido and Bruni. Johnny (pictured) would seem a safe choice, but he's from Doncaster. Meanwhile, thanks to PJ who suggested that as a permanent memorial to Da a cascading fountain of Deuchars should installed on the post-demoliton site of the Egypt Cottage.
Given the differences of opinion there would appear only one choice. We need a man we can interact with, who has musical talent and enjoys a drink or two. Got Alex's number Da?


  1. McConkey.

    He's wandering lonely like a cloud of radioactivity and I'm sure he'd like the opportunity to blight our lives.

    Or Ken.

  2. The two men in your photograph had consesual sex soon afterwards.

  3. If only Cousin Jim could re-join us. A true gent like Ian, but with an added ingredient... sex appeal.

  4. Carly Simon (circa 1974-75). Please.