Thursday, 27 August 2009

Da's post-match notes

After a truely shocking first half, the Toon came out and conceded a 3rd goal. Just when you thought it was all over they completely turned the game around, actually played some football and scored 3 goals to go out 4 - 3 winners. As Colemanballs would have said "Remarkable!".

Later at the Cottage: the place was invaded by half a dozen texan oil men who demanded some Neil Young songs. So they got Only Love Can Break Your Heart and Birds. Finished off with Falling (an audience request!). Afterwards a guy clearly more refreshed than me, asked me to do a gig in Amble or somewhere. I made my excuses and left.


  1. I hope the next time the Chronic's 'reporter' gets all wet about the prospect of playing the 'young guns', he recalls Lua-Lua's performance with some relish.

  2. Isn't 'a gig in Amble' the equivalent of 'an offer you can't refuse'. You're a marked man, my boy. You'll be waking up to a horse's head in no time.