Monday 27 April 2009

PAT'S BOOK ... a review By Andrew McCullough


Colin and his friends embark upon a rip-roaring adventure in the spirit of the Famous Five (minus Timmy the dog), but unlike the Famous Five, this adventure spans not only continents, but time and space.
Guided by the mysterious agent Berengeur, the foursome are tasked with the retrieval of various artifacts from both past and future history and the very survival of planet Earth is dependent on their success. Along the way, the foursome encounter all manner of weird and wonderful creatures ranging from conehead aliens and rat people to killer skeletons and the sinister Knights of Greencastle. The book is jam packed with interesting ideas and concepts, but in addition to this, it is peppered with historical facts and figures. I read the book in one sitting never quite knowing what to expect on the next page and if Colin and his friends were to embark on another adventure, I for one would be happy to go along for the ride. Unputdownable.

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