Thursday, 2 November 2017

Last night's set lists

At The Habit, York: -

The Elderly Brothers: -
All I Have To Do Is Dream
When Will I Be Loved
Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues
No Reply

Ron Elderly: -
Need Your Love So Bad
One More Cup Of Coffee

Da Elderly: -
Mellow My Mind
Unknown Legend

It was good to be back for the open mic night at The Habit after travels to the US West Coast. It may have been Halloween the night before, but the spooks were definitely out last night. Our host was late arriving, so we were asked to go on unplugged and kick off proceedings; half way through Dream he arrived and started setting up the PA around us. In doing so he knocked Ron's pint off the window sill and down his back, soaking the artists' seating in beer. We finished the song and then stopped to clear up. The show continued with extra cushions protecting us from soggy bottoms! So instead of closing the show we opened it for once. A few performers later, regular Deb got the same treatment as Ron with another dislodged pint! The gremlins were definitely out!!!

Despite the interruption Deb performed a great version of Christine McVie's Songbird. Dave from Leeds hadn't been for a while and he played The Beatles' Across The Universe and CSN's Marrakesh Express to great applause. During Across The Universe there was a chorus of Jia Guru Dave..ah, ha. The 2 lasses in the photograph wowed the audience with superb musicianship - excellent guitar/mandolin ensemble playing in a folkie style. Another enjoyable night of musical madness with a dusting of chaos.

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