Thursday 15 September 2016

Last night's set lists

At The Habit, York: -

Da Elderly: -
Out On The Weekend
Heart Of Gold

Ron Elderly: -
You Better Move On
Streets Of London

The Elderly Brothers: -
Bus Stop
It Doesn't Matter Any More
Somebody Help Me
Bye Bye Love

Just when you think that The Habit open mic has nothing new to offer, it throws up an extraordinary night of music. Although never quite full all evening, those who stayed, if only for a while, were entertained with a wonderful range of music and musical styles. We had two acappella tenors, one being the return, after a long absence, of our nonagenarian crooner, who brought the house down with a spirited rendition of Mona Lisa. The young lass with the bluesy voice, also absent for a while, returned to deliver a knockout set - Little Walter's My Babe and Jimmy Hendrix' Red House. A young lad played an excellent set with a delivery like Phil Lynott but somehow more bluesy; if Moby had been around he would surely have sampled his voice. A guy from Leeds sang Beatles songs including a great version of Eleanor Rigby and a picker with an eye-patch surprised us with Randy Newman's God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind). What a show!

The Elderlys debuted two 'new' songs: The Hollies' Bus Stop and Buddy Holly's It Doesn't Matter Any More, and finished off with Bye Bye Love which we haven't played in quite a while.

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