Sunday, 19 April 2015

Christophe Gowans - If albums were book covers...

Albums reimagined as book covers 

Sean O'Hagan
23 March 2013

'I'm a big fan of the pun and the double entendre and, in a way, what I do is a visual take on that kind of wordplay,' says Christophe Gowans, explaining his idea to reimagine well-known album covers as book jackets. Gowans, a graphic designer, says his series, The Record Books, evolved out of a doodle. Two years on, he now has almost 120 Record Books on his website, many of which are available as limited-edition silkscreen prints and postcards. 

'It's a game, really,' he says. 'You go digging for an image to replace the one you know. You have to try and think of them in neutral, then it becomes about what the names suggest to me.' 

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